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About Us
About Us

Huaxia group is located in Weihai, the beautiful and World famous habitat city. The city has magnificent mountain and the sea scenery, fresh air and pleasant climate. The trip from Huaxia group to Weihai bus station and railway station, l terminal takes only 1 minute by car and only 2 minutes to the Gold Coast and only 30 minutes¡¯ drive to Weihai International Airport.

Huaxia group was founded in December 1985 by Mr. Xia Chunting. Through nearly 30 years¡¯ development, the group evolved from a single production of construction machinery enterprise to a large group of modernization and cross-industries. The group's total assets have amounted to 15 billion yuan.

The scope of business involves many areas including cultural tourism, pharmaceutical industry, construction machinery manufacturing, real estate development, construction, wine industry, hotel service and occupational education. The group has 25 incorporated sub-company in Shandong Linyi, Jiangsu Jiangyan, Liaoning Tieling, Kweichow Moutai, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.

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