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Opening Hour
Opening Hour

 Huaxia Scenery Showing Times

   Openning Hour: 7:30!!17:00, Ticket Check Finished at16:30

   Programme              Length             Start Time

   Trinity Guanyin     18min.     9:00、10:30、15:00 

   Rotating Wheel     10min.     8:10、9:20、13:30


 Huaxia Legendary Showing Time

 Annual Performing Season: May - October2016's shows are finished.

  First Check-in: 18:00!!19:00Showing Time: 19:20!!20:20

  Second Check-in: 20:00!!20:40Showing Time: 21:00!!22:00 


1.Please leave your bags and valuables in your hotel or tour bus. If you take your belongings to the sccenery region, please leave it at the reservation(it cost 5 yuan per left, please donot leave your valuables here). 

2.Please wear warmer cloths to the mountain and water sceneries.

3.Please check the performance timing at the ticket office.

4.We may adjust the showing schedule in bad weathers. Please dial the following numbers for further information: 0631-5999150, 0631-5999035, 0631-5998999.

5.The performance timing of Huaxia Legendary may varies in different season. Please check the daily announcement for showing times.


  The Ocean World

  Openning Hour: 8:30!!17:00, Ticket Check Finished at16:30

  Programme              Length             Start Time

  Dynamic Theater      10min.      9:00、11:00、13:30、15:30

  Fish Shoal Show        7min.        9:30、14:00

  Deepsea Theater      20min.      10:30、15:00Extra show at 12:30 if over loaded


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