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Corporate Profile
Corporate Profile


Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group mainly engaged in investment and operation of cultural tourism industry. We have established an industrial group covering cultural tourism, entertainment, theme park operation, tourism scenic area investment, Hotel Restaurant management and cultural tourism cluster.

During development of Weihai cultural tourism complex project, we actively implement the going-out strategy to expand the ¡°Scenery + Entertainment¡± cultural tourism management mode of Huaxia to different area of China, becoming the new forces and unique cultural tourism innovative brand.

In Weihai, we invested 6 billion to build the Huaxia Town cultural tourism complex project which is constituted by the Huaxia Town scenic region, wander oceanic world and "Huaxia Legendary" show.

In Xiamen, the group invested 2.8 billion yuan to build the old courtyard of the Fujian city cultural tourism complex and it is composed by the old courtyard folk customs Park and the "South Fujian legends" show.

Huaxia Culture Tourism Group is a vitality and potential business. The group aiming at building itself as a the most pioneering and top brand in national cultural tourism industry, creating a new flagship of cultural tourism industry.

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