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Huaxia Overview
Huaxia Overview


Huaxia town urban cultural tourism complex project covers an area of 16.28 square kilometers. The group has built a set of tourism, leisure, commerce, living, education and other integrated functions in a integral modern tourist region.

As a national AAAA level scenic spot - Huaxia tourism scenic spot is the centric area of Huaxia town.With the sea views and  the mountain views, the scenic region is a combination of classical and modern creature of natural and technological integration. Huaxia town has the largest archway (86 meters long, 21 meters high), the unique trinity Guanyin casting (bronze made, weighing 78 tons), Taiping temple - Jiaodong's 


largest temple with 1300 years of history, and

more than and 10 other spots. There are also plenty of acrobatics, equestrian and marvelous traditional performances. The scenic region won the top ten potential theme parks and the best creative park award in 2011, and was named the first batch of Shandong Provincial Department of culture, Shandong Province Cultural Industry Demonstration Park. In 2014, the scenic region was named the national cultural industry demonstration base. In 2015, Huaxia Town was named the national recreational fishing demonstration base and involved in the national 5A level scenic region list.



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