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Zhenxiang Xia: Establish a Leisure Kingdom of Huaxia Cultural Tourism
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Zhenxiang Xia - The President of Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group

Xia Zhenxiang, the president of Huaxia cultural tourism group, starts his work in the group in August 2003. As the inheritor of the group he work hardly in low profile. His practical work and endeavor win him a lot of complement both inside and outside the group. He request start his work from bottom level occupation in the Huaxia group. By obtaining a comprehensive understanding of the development of the company he grasps voice and necessity of bottom level staffs. Because of his hard working, he turns the president of the group from the pharmaceutical sales representative step by step, in a dependable style. 

He believes that only aiming at long-term development could thus win a great reputation in the industry. Before he entered the Huaxia Group, the group has already won more than 20% market share in China. He could choose to live in a very easy way as Huaxia group's inheritor,  but he did not look his life in that way. What he want is to develop the group into a evergreen enterprise in the industry and turn the group into a even more dynamic business.

Years of schooling broaden his horizons a lot. There has also been various planning for the future development of Huaxia group in his minds. 

Twenty-first Century is full of challenges and opportunities. The construction machinery products has already become a low potential business. With the passage of time, the necessity of construction products in China would be similar to many European countries, which suffers a decreasingly revenue throughout the country.

The construction machinery industry will eventually decline, so he positive suggests the chairman Xia Chunting and company leaders and ultimately determine the redirection to enter the culture the tourism industry.

In 2003, Huaxia group begins to turn from development industrial strategy to service development strategy.



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