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Vice-Minister of Ministry of Culture Highly Praised the Southern Fujian Legenday Show
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Sponsored by the Ministry of culture, ¡°youth matters ¨C cross strait Bamin trip¡± event was held on July 21-29, in Fujian Province. Xiamen old courtyard region was elected as the cultural industry modeling project.


Vice Minister of culture Ding Wei arrived in Xiamen old courtyard for investigation on 23rd of july. Huaxia Culture Tourism Group Chairman Xia Chunting accompanied minister Ding Wei and Ye Zhonggeng walk into the old courtyard style garden.


The summer scene in old courtyard area is full of vitality.

The southern Fujian style building and decoration, the vicissitudes of the ancient old house, true to life wax figures, attracted the attention of minister Ding Wei. The scene of the park is very realistic and delicate according to him. Chairman Xia Chunting stated that we are going to build a very unique tourism and cultural region rather than making the same thing all over the country to copy.


After visiting the old courtyard culture park, Minister Ding Wei entered the theater of Huaxia Journeys. Minister Ding Wei sit in the 360 degrees¡¯ mobile stands with more than two thousand audiences to watch the 360 degree ultra large indoor real entertainment -- Southern Fujian Legendary.


On the end of the show, minister Ding Wei praised the practical efforts of spreading and developing southern Fujian culture and wrote inscription for Southern Fujian Legendary show.

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