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Chunting Xia: Leading the Industrial Transformationg of Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group
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Owning a beautiful coastline landscape, Weihai has become a human living paragon. Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group is established in this city which carried 5000 years Chinese epic with rhythmical mountain and grand sea.

Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group has successfully built Weihai cultural tourism complex project and Xiamen Grand Courtyard project in Fujian. The projects in Weihai and Xiamen successfully exhibited the wonderful Chinese culture achievement of local people. The scenic region is evaluated as the demonstration scenic region of Shandong cultural industry, top ten potential theme park of China, National fishery leisure demonstration base, the most creative scenic region of China, etc.

The founder of these fabulous scenery spots and performance, is the chairman of Huaxia Cultural Tourism Group -- Xia Chunting.

As a former leader of Chinese crane industry, for the name Xia Chunting, I believe many people are not unfamiliar. In 1985, he started by 48 yuan to build cement pipe, in 1994 he triggered the transformation to construction machinery, to 1998 he has developed into the country's construction machinery industry leader. Founded by his hand, Huaxia group has evolved from a single production of construction machinery into multi-field modern large scale group after more than 30 years of development.




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